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Two-Gen Key Components

Two-Gen approaches have a robust vision to improve conditions for families by coordinating equitable access to the systems and structures that are necessary to thrive economically and socially. Ultimately, Two-Gen approaches recognize six key components to improve families’ financial stability, social capital, health care, and quality education.

JPP focuses equally and intentionally on services and opportunities in five key areas to support both parents and children.

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Early Childhood Education & k-12

When we reduce barriers to education, we set children up to thrive. Education leads to healthier childhoods and, ultimately, to greater economic prospects as adults. Research shows that investments in high-quality early education yield a 13% per year return on investment based on increased school and career achievement as well as reduced social costs.


JPP ensures children have the support and resources they need to graduate high school and have the opportunity and access to postsecondary education.


Postsecondary & Employment Pathways

Did you know that parents who complete a college degree double their incomes?

A parent’s level of educational attainment is also a strong predictor of a child’s success. We prioritize finding livable wage jobs that meet the needs of single parents through career exploration. Our Postsecondary work includes a focus on higher education, including colleges and universities, as well as workforce development programs.

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Mental Health & Wellness

If a child is unwell, it can affect attendance and learning in school. Similarly, a parent’s illness can impact the ability to earn or perform at work. Physical health and mental health, a component of the two-generation approach, have a major impact on a family’s ability to thrive Childhood trauma, for instance, has lasting health and social consequences. JPP connects families to meaningful mental health services, promotes healthy eating habits, and educates about mitigating stress to improve overall health.

Economic Stability

Improving financial literacy and building economic assets are two of JPP biggest strengths. We help families understand their relationship with money to combat instant gratification to achieve financial and economic stability. We offer financial courses that focus on building credit, saving for a house or car, and paying off debt.


Financial stability is critical to a family’s economic and social mobility. A relatively small increase in household income can have a significant, lasting positive impact on the life of a child. A $3,000 difference in parents’ income, when their child is young, is associated with a 17% increase in the child’s future earnings.

Economic Stability
Social Capital

​Social Capital

Social capital is the secret sauce of the JPP program. Families come together to share stories and inspire one another to continue making positive changes in their lives. It’s a novel and key success factor to the Two Gen approach as it builds on the strength and resilience of families and bolsters the aspirations parents have for themselves and their children. JPP is intentional in fostering social networks through program design to cultivate community connection.

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