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Father and Son

Impact & Program Outcomes

JPP has partnered with Marzano Research for annual program evaluations to ensure continuous improvement and enhance services. JPP families provided their input through surveys, interviews, or feedback forms. Their valuable insights help us better understand their journeys, assess their satisfaction levels, and identify areas for improvement.

Families engaged in JPP for four years increase their annual income by $32,000!

JPP 2023 Program Impact

48% of JPP families increase their income after completing their first year.

90% of JPP students graduate high school on time.

70% of JPP families engage in financial literacy education to improve credit scores, decrease debt, and increase savings.

90% of JPP families have healthcare coverage and actively utilize preventative services.

70% of JPP families gain employment in the first six months of enrollment.

On average, families engaged in JPP for three years have increased their annual income by $ 32,000. That's a monthly increase of $1,800.

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For more information on Jeffco Prosperity Partners contact Jessica Hansen.

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