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Family Moments

What We Do

Jeffco Human Services Foundation supports and funds the JPP program that works to end poverty through community collaboration and implementing the Two-Gen approach. We support low-income families and individuals with access to resources that empower them to achieve self-sufficiency and break the cycle of generational poverty.

Our support provides coaching and connection to services found outside of the typical government realm, but most importantly it allows families to focus on overcoming barriers precipitated by poverty.


We listen to family voice.

We listen
Family Time

Our JPP program uses a two-generation approach, working with both children and caregivers to create and achieve self-defined success. Families define their own goals, while coaches help them identify barriers and develop solutions. 

We coach, not casework. Navigator coaches connect families with services, resources, and community partners to give them the tools they need to adapt and overcome obstacles.  


We collaborate with our community.

Colleagues Working Together

We build relationships and cultivate connections with our community members to promote innovations that fuel prosperity for all families. Each partner contributes a different service to help families and individuals overcome barriers on their path to self-sufficiency. Local organizations and diverse peer groups share in our vision, helping families gain self-sufficiency and breaking persistent generational cycles of poverty that often impact disparate populations.

Collaborations with community organizations allow our program to offer education and job training opportunities to parents while, at the same time, providing high-quality early education services to their children and a host of support services for the whole family. 

Through these creative collaborations, we offer families a comprehensive range of services that are targeted and timed to help them reach their full potential.

We collaborate
Lightbulb and gear
We foster innovation and creativity.
We innovate
Three Generations

We understand that each family's situation and needs are unique and complex. We learn from each experience, engaging with families to adapt and innovate to help them thrive.


We seek out creative solutions to inform new and better policies to improve family and community well-being in Jefferson County. 

We’ve successfully partnered with families and individuals to remove barriers and clear the path to success for those who have experienced deep poverty and trauma.

Help sustain our support to children and families.
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