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Father and child

Who we are

Jeffco Human Services Foundation is a nonprofit agency connecting with community organizations and individuals who share our mission- to promote innovations that move families from poverty to prosperity. We aim to decrease dependency on government benefits by giving families the tools they need to break the cycle of generational poverty.

Family Dinner

Our vision

Our vision is that every person in our community has access to quality education, employment opportunities, and heath care to attain self-sufficiency and prevent poverty in future generations.

Our purpose

Jeffco Human Services Foundation is a nonprofit, community-based organization. We support, empower, and encourage programs that spur larger system change that enable Colorado families to thrive in our community.

Influence policy change and practice through evidence-based programming to transform families, governments, and systems. We support sustainable anti-poverty and self-sufficiency initiatives to create social welfare system change. 

Our impact

One of the programs directly supported by Jeffco Human Services Foundation is  Jeffco Prosperity Partners (JPP), whose transformative change model is used to combat generational poverty and move low-income families to self-defined success.

JPP family

Meet Sheila and Ean.

They are members of the Jeffco Prosperity Partners (JPP) program who overcame barriers to achieve self-sufficiency.

Sheila graduated Cum Laude with her bachelors degree and together they reduced their debt and increased their income through meaningful employment.

Public Speaker

Our leadership

Jeffco Human Services Foundation is dedicated to ending poverty and improving the lives of vulnerable populations in Jefferson County.


Each member of our diverse Board of Directors offers professional expertise and connection to our community to foster partnerships and enhance the value our organization can bring to our community.

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