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This program is a gift for a lifetime. My kids will have more opportunities for a better future than I had.

- JPP Parent 

Jeffco Prosperity Partners

Jeffco Prosperity Partners (JPP) is a collaboration of community, schools, businesses, government, faith-based organizations, and county partners working together to help Jefferson County families break the cycle of generational poverty.


We believe that all individuals, if given a quality education, opportunities driven by their own goals, surrounded by community and individual support, they will generate success and stand on their own two feet.

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Multigenerational family
Same sex parents
Multigenerational family
Family of four
Head Start family

Our story

Jeffco Prosperity Partners have been breaking the cycle of generational poverty in Jefferson County for over 10 years.


JPP began as an extension of Head Start, a no-cost early childhood education program. Head Start focuses on social emotional development and increasing school readiness for children by providing support for the whole family. 

JPP partners with Head Start to provide families with access to resources and help them navigate support services in areas of education, employment, health and wellbeing, economic stability, and social capital.

Families opt into the JPP program when they enroll children in Head Start. JPP coaches guide children as they transition from Head Start into public schools and support parents and caregivers as they work to achieve their self-defined goals. Each family is connected to JPP until their youngest child graduates from high school, ensuring academic success and sustained family self-sufficiency.

What we do

Family voice and expertise drive the design of the JPP program. We implement a two-generation approach to persistently identify long-standing and emerging barriers that keep families from achieving financial stability.


We foster self-defined success through coaching, not case management, to link services, resources, and community to equip families with the tools they need to adapt and overcome obstacles. 

Support Group

We coach, not case work

Families play a vital role in program development and define their own success, dreams, and goals. JPP coaches work with families as equal partners in creating a pathway and developing solutions to overcome barriers to accomplish their goals.

Coaches advocate with and on behalf of families for resources and supports families need, identify potential opportunities and pathways based on family goals, provide hope, encouragement, and support through monthly one-on-one coaching sessions, and host learning opportunities to help families achieve their goals. 

JPP reminds you that you are worthy and capable.

JPP Participant

Mother and Daughter Love
Two- Gen Approach

Using the two-generation (Two-Gen) approach, coaches provide one-on-one mentoring to families and individuals to identify their current situation, potential pathways, and identify barriers and ways to overcome them.


Two-Gen approach ensures that the benefit of a program intervention is sustainable across generations. Our service delivery system supports the whole family, providing families with holistic access to services and resources they need to build health and well-being across generations.

JPP focuses equally and intentionally on services and opportunities for both parents and children, using five key areas: education, employment pathways, economic stability, health and wellness, and social capital.

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We listen to family voice

The most important strategy we use is engaging with and listening to family voice. JPP understands that families are leaders in their own lives and know what they need to succeed. By listening to families, we can provide meaningful resources to help them succeed in school, land a new job, and build economic assets through financial literacy.


Family voice helps us to align and link systems at the state and community level, such as eligibility standards, performance benchmarks, and coordinated administrative structures, while simultaneously pursuing improved outcomes for both parents and children.

Head Start children
JPP was created by the community, for the community, and cannot do this work alone.
Community Partner Logos
Community Partnership

Our programs and community services work together to produce strong, sustainable, positive effects on family wellbeing. We promote health equity, inclusive and diverse mindsets, and provide equal opportunity to underserved populations, while preserving the dignity of families.   

We are always looking for partners who share our mission of moving families from poverty to prosperity.


Together we can break the cycle of poverty and move families to self-sufficiency.

JPP Program Outcomes

Marzano Research was commissioned by JPP to conduct annual evaluations of the program's work. The following reports are organized around the implementation of the program and the five key components of the Two-Gen approach.

Program Outcomes

Investing in children and families yields positive outcomes including safer communities, a more educated workforce, and a stable economy.

Let’s Work Together

For more information on Jeffco Prosperity Partners and how you can become a community partner contact Jessica Hansen.

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