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JPP Success Stories

"Thank you JPP for letting me see the potential I really did have and giving me the motivation to act on it!"

Rhiannon, JPP Graduate

Rhiannon is a mother of two wonderful boys, an active volunteer, an artist, and a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines Engineering Physics program. She began her journey with JPP in 2015. She had just moved back to Colorado to be closer to family and enrolled her youngest son into Head Start in Wheat Ridge.

Rhiannon Larson

Rhiannon’s persistence and determination, along with the support of family, friends, and local organizations have helped her design and achieve lofty goals while caring for her children and giving back to the community. Rhiannon is passionate about encouraging others to push through obstacles, surpass their limitations, and become all that they are made to be.


In 2023, Rhiannon graduated from the School of Mines with her Master's in Applied Optical Physics and accepted a position at Lockheed Martin. Her goal is to work locally in the optics industry while continuing to volunteer at her church and stay involved in both of her boy's academic and extracurricular pursuits.

Rynn, JPP Graduate

JPP member, Rynn Sango, is a mother, wife, and active and engaged community member. She has overcome many challenges to achieve her educational goals and enhance her career. Rynn has participated in several conferences, working with Ascend Aspen Institute as a parent advisor to speak about the importance of parent engagement, as well as with the Tennessee Department of Human Services, Family-Centered Community Change, and the National Governors Association. 

Rynn is a recent graduate of Metropolitan State University and received her bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She is most proud of her children and most grateful for her husband, the JPP community, and coaches and friends who have continued to support her through her journey. 

Every achievement is a step closer to self-sufficiency on the path to prosperity.

JPP Success
JPP Success
julian- hs grad
Ed and Bev
Lona's Graduation picture


“JPP really helped me keep accountable for my goals and make them real. Even when I was struggling to keep moving forward."
- AMANADA, JPP Participant, mother, bachelor's degree achiever, lover of her job, and new homeowner.

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