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JPP Family Businesses

"JPP really helped me keep accountable for my goals and make them real. Even when I was struggling to keep moving forward."

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R&R Chair Massage

Rejuvenation and Revitalization

R&R Chair Massage provides a unique and innovative approach to workplace wellness and stress management with their worksite chair massage stress management program.


Contact Kayla at:

or call 720-620-3365

Hi! I'm Kayla

I play many roles in my life. A Mom to 3 beautiful children, full-time Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant at Grit Digital Health, a behavioral health digital tech company, and the Owner of R&R Chair Massage, LLC.

My vision for R&R Chair Massage is to bring healing hands outside of just the spas and into offices, schools, airports, doctors offices & hospitals, and anywhere else people spend long hours at who would benefit from a 10-minute chair massage to Revive & Renew their minds and bodies.


- Kayla Hanneman, Owner

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TRU Decor & Events LLC

Tru Decor is here to provide each event with a unique and customizable design.


Let Danielle Ulibarri create a gorgeous balloon design for your next birthday, baby shower, gender reveals, or holiday party.

Maria's Loving Home

Maria provides loving Child Care Services in your own home. Contact her below to inquire about openings.

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Get Em with Kindness

Get 'Em With Kindness

I am a wife of twenty years, a mother of seven children, and a former Head Start Preschool Teacher.


Get 'Em With Kindness is the first in the Grandma Said... series of children's books, each offering a time-tested lesson in dealing with life. I hope you enjoy them.


-Nicole Davis, JPP member, children's book author

Kyle Clark featured the work of Jeffco Prosperity Partners during a Next 9NEWS Word of Thanks segment. Check out the full video below!

For more information on Jeffco Prosperity Partners contact Jessica Hansen.

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