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Kelly Johnson

Board Member

Kelly Johnson is a dedicated community advocate and public relations professional with a rich history of service spanning nearly three decades in Jefferson County, Colorado. Her deep-rooted commitment to the community is evident through her extensive involvement in various educational, philanthropic, and cultural organizations.

With a passion for education, Kelly has played a pivotal role in numerous initiatives aimed at supporting Jefferson County Schools. She has been actively involved in mill and bond campaigns, including co-chairing the impactful 2012 campaign. Kelly's dedication extends beyond campaigns to serving on district- and school-level committees, where she has contributed her expertise to enhance educational opportunities for students.

In addition to her work in education, Kelly has lent her talents to a diverse array of nonprofit organizations, including Judi’s House, Hope House Development Board, and the Golden Schools Foundation, among others. She has been instrumental in fundraising efforts and strategic planning, leaving a lasting impact on the communities she serves.

Kelly's professional background in public relations has further equipped her with valuable skills to amplify the voices of organizations she supports. With clients ranging from renowned establishments like Elway’s and Tiffany & Co. to major corporations like Pepsi Center Suites, Kelly has honed her ability to effectively communicate messages and build meaningful relationships.

Graduating with Honors from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in journalism, Kelly's passion for storytelling and advocacy shines through in her work. Her experience as a news producer at KCNC/CBS4 and as a spokesperson for notable brands has solidified her reputation as a trusted communicator.

Kelly is deeply committed to her family, sharing her life with her husband, Chris, and their two sons. Her dedication to fostering a thriving community for future generations is evident in her tireless efforts to support organizations like Jeffco Prosperity Partners (JPP). Inspired by the compassionate approach of JPP in addressing generational poverty, Kelly is excited to join the board and contribute her skills and passion to furthering the organization's mission. Her goal is to elevate awareness of JPP's innovative strategies and successes, inspiring others to join in supporting its crucial work.

In her own words, "From the first time Anne and Steve Burkholder shared the mission of Jeffco Prosperity Partners with my husband and me, I've been inspired by the way JPP meets people where they are, providing dignified resources to help them achieve their very personal goals." Kelly's dedication to fostering dignity and empowerment aligns perfectly with JPP's mission, and her expertise will undoubtedly propel the organization to even greater heights.

Kelly Johnson
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