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Image by Kalen Emsley

Commitment to Community Empowerment

JPP Hosts Representative Brittany Pettersen

JPP had the honor of hosting Congresswoman Brittany Pettersen, a true champion for our community, at JPP last month. Cong. Pettersen's journey is a testament to resilience and determination. Born and raised in Colorado, she has spent nearly her entire life in Jefferson County. With unparalleled empathy and a drive to see our community flourish, Cong. Pettersen sat down with our JPP families to discuss the impact of our program. 

“Jeffco Prosperity Partners provide crucial guidance, resources, and training to families and individuals struggling to make ends meet, including help for people trying to get an education and plan for their financial future,” said Congresswoman Pettersen. “From my experience growing up as a high-risk youth, I know how make-or-break these investments

are to the success of our children. I am determined to keep fighting at the federal level to ensure these programs have the resources needed to continue their impactful work in our community.”

During her visit, families had the opportunity to share their stories, struggles, and successes, reflecting on their journeys from where they started to where they are today, with JPP's invaluable support along the way. Cong. Pettersen's unwavering commitment to making positive change in our community shines through in her dedication to understanding and addressing the challenges faced by Coloradans. 

We are immensely grateful for Cong. Pettersen's support and compassion for our community. Her dedication to fighting for families like ours is truly inspiring, and we are honored to have her as an ally in our mission to uplift families and create a better future for all. 


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