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Image by Kalen Emsley

Leah's Story

It’s [JPP] like having a group of friends who are constantly pushing you to move out of your comfort zone and into your true potential.

Leah has been an integral member of JPP for nearly six years. Initially, she harbored skepticism when joining the program, as new ventures often raised doubts in her mind. However, her coach, Rikki, swiftly changed her perspective during their first meeting by posing a thought-provoking question: What would Leah's ideal life look like?

Surprised by the depth of the inquiry, Leah felt truly seen and valued as an individual rather than a mere case number. Expressing her desire to pursue a certification in medical billing and coding, she explained that remote work options and a flexible schedule were essential as a single parent to two young boys. Leah also disclosed her prior education in interior design, which she had put on hold after having children. Rikki encouraged her to explore the possibility of completing her degree, revealing that she only needed around 12 more credits.

With Rikki's unwavering support, Leah embarked on a journey to assess the financial aspects of finishing her education. Despite initial concerns regarding the cost, Rikki skillfully guided her through the process, devising a plan for Leah to pay her way gradually.

Through JPP's extensive network, Leah was connected with grants that substantially eased the financial burden of her schooling. As a result, she graduated with a bachelor's degree, free from additional debt (aside from the pre-existing obligations incurred during her earlier, less-guided educational pursuit).

Today, Leah finds herself working in the field she loves, thriving in a job she adores, and surrounded by colleagues who feel more like family than mere coworkers. The experience has been truly remarkable. With Rikki's unwavering support and encouragement, Leah is now focused on building her savings toward homeownership. She cherishes JPP's unique approach of treating her not as a faceless recipient of resources but as an individual named Leah. They consistently inquire about her goals, her plans for accomplishment, and how they can provide the necessary support. Once a goal is achieved, the celebration ensues, followed by the inevitable question: "What's next?"

For Leah, JPP resembles a circle of friends who incessantly push her beyond her comfort zone, urging her to unlock her true potential. Their dedication to her growth and success is akin to having a supportive community that consistently encourages her to reach new heights.


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