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Father and Son

JPP Key Focus Areas

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JPP focuses equally and intentionally on services and opportunities in five key areas to support both families and children.


Children in the JPP program attend Head Start, an Early Childhood Education program that increases school readiness while providing family support. The emphasis on learning and development provides an opening for parents to explore their own hopes and dreams for the future.

Family support improves parenting skills and confidence which contribute 
to success in employment or continued education.

Employment Pathways

A higher education- or advanced skill development- gives one access to better employment opportunities. Individuals  affected by poverty often work survival jobs that offer low wages and no benefits.

Coaches work with families to explore career paths and create a plan to attain the education and develop job skills needed to gain meaningful employment.

Economic Stability

Financial Literacy courses help families and individuals understand the value of money in order to increase their economic assets. 


Families create self-goals in debt reduction, credit score improvement, and saving money to help them achieve financial stability.

Mental Health and Wellness

JPP coaches work with families as they navigate the dynamics of federal and state healthcare policies to gain access to Medicaid and additional health services. They help families identify and overcome barriers to accessing healthcare to improve their mental health and well-being.

​Social Capital

Social capital is a critical element in the two-generation model- and to the JPP community. Social capital builds on the strength and resilience of families, bolstering the aspirations parents have for their children and for themselves. It is a powerful component to the JPP program that helps move families beyond poverty.

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Positive Outcomes

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84% of JPP participants remained in or gained employment.

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28% completed academic programs or received certificates. 

100% of eligible 12th graders graduated.

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93% of participants and their family members are current on all regular doctor checkups.


99% report that at least one family member has medical coverage.

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43% of participants and their families increased their annual income.


53% of participants and their families increased their hourly wage by $5.45.

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96% of participants identified coaching to be the most helpful JPP activity. 

100% of community partners agreed that JPP has a positive impact on families. 

For more information on Jeffco Prosperity Partners contact Jessica Hansen.

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