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Father and Son

JPP Program Outcomes

Marzano Research was commissioned by JPP to conduct annual evaluations of the program's work. The following reports are organized around the implementation of the program and the five key components of the Two-Gen approach.

84% of JPP participants remained in or gained employment.

28% completed academic programs or received certificates. 

100% of eligible 12th graders graduated.

93% of participants and their family members are current on all regular doctor checkups.


99% report that at least one family member has medical coverage.

43% of participants and their families increased their annual income.


53% of participants and their families increased their hourly wage by $5.45.

96% of participants identified coaching to be the most helpful JPP activity. 

100% of community partners agreed that JPP has a positive impact on families. 

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2019 JPP Program Highlights

For more information on Jeffco Prosperity Partners contact Jessica Hansen.

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