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Ali Lasell, Board Member

ali lasell

I spent 25 years in Adams County District 12 Public Schools, mostly teaching math and science to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students in three different Middle Schools.  Along the way, I was provided many opportunities to grow and develop as a teacher in my classroom and a leader in the field of education.  Every year was an excellent experience. When my husband, John, and I had our first son 14 years ago, we jumped into parenting with both feet!  Our two boys are in Jeffco Schools where I have been active with the PTA and School Accountability Committees while volunteering in the classroom as much as possible.   

I volunteer in their classes, coached their basketball and baseball teams, and am on the Swim Board ant our local Swim Club. John and I have a regular date night playing Ultimate Frisbee on Thursdays throughout the summer and some Fall seasons! We love to hike, bike, camp, garden, cook, and play games as a family!   


In 2015, I decided to resign from teaching to be more available for our children at home, in their classrooms and in the community.  I was elected to the Jeffco School Board where I served with four of the smartest, most dedicated and passionate people I know.  Our duties included, but were not limited to: 

•Set vision and goals for the district 

•Adopt and review policies that provide direction to the vision and goals 

• Hire and evaluate the Superintendant 

•Adopt and oversee the budget  

• Oversee the collective bargaining process for employee groups in the district and adopt the agreement 

• Accountability to our community and voters through community engagement  


 It was an honor to serve the Jeffco community in this capacity; as a former educator, current parent, and staunch advocate of public education.  Our schools are the pulse of our communities, and it is the intent of our public education system to level the playing field for all students, regardless of their disposition, and provide opportunities for our future citizens to grow into themselves and become productive members of society.  I am proud of the work our Board has done and look forward to Jeffco Public School’s future.   

Prior to her position with Community First Foundation, Marybeth served as the Senior Program Officer for Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation, Grants Manager for The Colorado Health Foundation, Director of Development for the University of Colorado Foundation, Regional Grants Manager for Kaiser Permanente, and Fellow at El Pomar Foundation. 

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